A Brief Word About Beowulf Jones

Photo by Keith Huang

Last night was a great time!  Thanks to everyone who came and to all who took part!

I want to acknowledge something, however, that went unaddressed during the show itself.  You see, last night’s will be the last Morning Show to feature Beowulf Jones, our longtime technician, writer and frequent sketch player.  We decided not to do any special tribute to his legacy in the show, because we didn’t want to embarrass him and also because those kinds of things can often wear out their welcome pretty fast.  But on Tumblr, no one can hear you blush.

I want to make one thing 100%, crystal clear to everybody: Beowulf is as responsible as anyone for establishing the unique voice of our show.  By far our most prolific writer, he showed up to every one of our writing meetings not only with ideas to pitch, but with fully-written, printed-out scripts which rarely required any editing.  He’s the man behind some of the funniest and most original moments the show has seen, and a guy whose commitment to quality and uncompromising taste inspired all of us to aim higher.

He also functioned as an uncredited producer and talent booker through most of our run thus far, demonstrating a level of dedication that was never demanded of him, but which he volunteered just because he’s such a good guy.

He’s leaving us for the greener pastures of L.A. next month, but we will keep a piece of him with us here forever.

Specifically, his ear.  I cut it off to display as a warning to all those who might also try to abandon us.

Good luck, Beowulf!  We’ll miss you!

- Hobart